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Welcome to Elegance In Stained Glass!

A native of Savannah, Georgia, Mark McKim became interested and began working in the art of stained glass at the age of 19.

He apprenticed for 7 years with his older brother, Rollin E. McKim, Jr.. Mark also broadened his technique and artistic design under the instruction of Lorn R. Marshall (Greenville, South Carolina).

Over the years, Mark has become an icon in the art of stained glass and mirror work. He has developed his own particular style, always striving for perfection. His designs have become synonymous with his name and dedication to this time-consuming art form. He is continuously developing new ideas and techniques. Throughout his career, Mark's exceptional work has been added to many private collections.

 In 1988, he opened Elegance in Stained Glass, a working studio/gallery, at the City Market Art Center in Savannah, Georgia.

Later, in 1992, Mark and other well-known artists formed the co-operative, Signature Gallery. Today, one can find Mark's stained glass and mirror work exhibited at Signature Gallery, Gallery 209 and Maye River Gallery, in Bluffton, SC.

He works for private commissions, including church window restoration and/or repair.   

To date, Mark designs and creates out of his own studio. There, in the privacy of nature and hundreds of different glass types, he decidedly listens to Mother Nature as he works. A hummingbird outside his window could inspire the hand of the artist as could a heron searching the grass or a Cardinal singing in the surrounding trees. These inspiring creations of nature have taught Mark to incorporate balance and peace in his work as well as adding dimensional aspects to his dragonflies, waterlilies, butterflies and of course, the hummingbirds.

For private commissions, his goal is to produce art work that meets the client's specific interest and style.


Commissioned items, as well as gallery pieces, can be shipped within the USA.

Please enjoy browsing Mark's website. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact him. 

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